Better together.

Catholics from all over the Archdiocese of Santa Fe are coming together to shape the future of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Club for Religious Vocations exists to empower you to nurture tomorrow’s priests and to cultivate a culture of vocations.

Cultivating a sustainable future for the Church.

We began with a vision to elevate the education and development of our seminarians, and with your support, we strive to ensure that our communities are always guided by compassionate and fatherly priests.

Join us in this transformative journey, where your role is pivotal in sustaining the spiritual heart of our faith.

Our Mission

To build a culture of vocations that fosters Holy Orders, Religious Life, and Holy Matrimony within the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.

Our Vision

We envision a thriving Archdiocese of Santa Fe, rich in vocational culture, where Catholics actively engage in discerning and supporting priesthood, religious life, and Holy Matrimony. We foresee every parish infused with this spirit, inspiring devoted clergy, religious, and families. United, our community aims to embed vocations deeply within our Church’s spiritual life, securing a vibrant, faithful future.

Learn how you can make a difference.

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Our Board of Directors

Our board comprises individuals passionate about the Catholic faith, bringing diverse expertise to guide our mission. Their dedication ensures that every contribution goes directly towards enriching the spiritual fabric of our community.

Mark Degani, President

Mark, a lifelong New Mexican and co-founder of CCRV with his wife Sarah, is deeply committed to the seminarian community. His journey, from an Air Traffic Controller to an influential union member, showcases his dedication and leadership skills. Mark's personal connection to the cause, through his son Fr. Cameron, a former beneficiary of CCRV, fuels his passion for supporting the future of the Church.

Sarah Degani, Secretary

Sarah Degani, co-founder of CCRV and Mark's wife, brings a nurturing perspective and a rich professional background, from teaching preschool to nursing, to her role. Her commitment to the cause is personal and heartfelt, inspired by her son's journey from a seminarian to Fr. Cameron. Sarah's diverse experiences and maternal insight add depth and compassion to the board.

Liz Ann Perea, Treasurer

Liz Ann Perea, a seasoned accountant with over 30 years of experience, applies her financial expertise to support CCRV's mission. Her active involvement at the Aquinas Newman Center and her personal interactions with seminarians, including Fr. Darrell Segura, have deepened her commitment to nurturing future Church leaders. Liz Ann's professional acumen and personal faith drive her dedication to the seminarian community.